Our Core Training Principles

Our Core Training Principles

There are lots of training service providers around. What makes us special? We like to think that it's to do with the five key principles that we operate by.


We use creativity in our design and delivery wherever we can. Metaphors, pictures, models, sketches - sometimes even role-play. The pictures on this website show course-content captured creatively and graphically in real time. These murals provide participants with a fun and powerful reminder of the session. Participants take photos of the art we create and use them as prompts for action. We've also had organizations use them instead of corporate-looking artwork. Contact us to find out more about how we do them.


We believe participants should be actively involved in their training. After all, the more that we do, the more we understand. We pride ourselves on designing challenging learning experiences that will help participants to engage with the material in a long-lasting and poweful, but fun, way. We even wrote a book on the subject - it's called Playing With Purpose.


We constantly seek feedback and improve our programmes to ensure that we offer the highest standard of learning and the best experience for our delegates. All of our associates are academically qualified to at least doctoral level and between us we have a huge array of professional training and coaching accreditations.


Inspirational is easy to say, and hard to verify - but we aim to be inspirational in our preparation, materials and delivery. Take a look at our testimonials and feedback and judge for yourself.


We belive that there's no purpose in having people learn anything if that content will evaporate as they return to work the next day. We try to ensure that our programmes inspire change and are supported, wherever possible, with coaching or action-learning sets to help to reinforce the material.

Contact us to find out how we can deliver Quality, Longlasting, Creative and Inspirational Experiences for your people and organization.