Coaching and Facilitation

Training and development is about change. Helping people to change their habits, tactics, strategies or career. A good coach or facilitator can help this transitional process enormously. Alongside our acclaimed workshops and courses, we also offer group facilitation and individual or programme-centred coaching.

Coaching and Facilitation

We fully and fundamentally believe that powerful change is centred around the fact that each individual or group must find their own answers and best way forward according to two things:

  • A clear vision of what they are actually trying to achieve
  • A clear set of values that guide decisions even when the data is unclear.

As such, our coaching strategy is to help a client to establish both firmly what they want and what they stand for. Then the specific details can fit around these core principles.

We believe that a good coach or facilitator can help a client get to core truths and accountable actions far more quickly than might normally be the case.

Via our associate network we currently provide coaching to a number of individuals and use coaching to supplement our development programmes with various organizations.

We also run group facilitation for groups that need some outside help in understanding which of their processes need refining.

Contact us to find out more about coaching and how it can help individuals, groups and organizations, or if you wish to know more about the coaching and facilitation services that we provide.

In the meantime, here are just a few testimonials from previous coaching clients.

I am very grateful to my institution and you for the coaching sessions. I have benefitted a lot and you went above and beyond. I have already started to reap the rewards from the sessions. I look forward to more personal development training/courses from you. (SB)

When I started the sessions with you, I knew that I didn't always believe in myself and I had the false impression that anyone could achieve the things that I had if they tried. I was falsely humble and had other limiting beliefs that affected my confidence. I really enjoyed talking to you and always felt comfortable sharing my experiences not once feeling judged. Over the months, you have given me some prompts and models to help frame my thinking in more helpful ways and some practical tools to help me on my journey in the academic space. Thank you! I do believe I'm on the right track now. (JM)

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your guidance and support. I feel like I have got so much out of our sessions, but one thing that stood out in particular (and made such a huge difference to me) were your questions which really challenged me to think about my identity, how I see myself and how I want others to perceive me. It's had such an impact on my confidence, so thank you so so much! (GK)

The coaching sessions have helped me to address key issues affecting my work/life balance and career progression. The questioning has prompted me to reevaluate my priorities and trial new ways of working. I feel more assertive and empowered to take control of my career. More people deserve access to your knowledge, expertise and professionalism. This is especially urgent given the insecurity which envelopes academia at this time. (AH)

It was a pleasure to work with Steve. Steve could easily relate to my topics which made working with him feel very comfortable and encouraging. I thought it was very helpful to think things through with Steve, develop different kinds of concepts and hands-on approaches to working on issues I was struggling with. In this, I appreciated that he could relate to my international experience based on the experiences he had made as a coach abroad. It was a perfect balance of tackling the issues based on my ideas, Steve giving me the tools to approach them and reflecting on further steps. I can highly recommend working with Steve. (IF)

Working with Steve has allowed me to understand what my goals are and which steps to take in order to achieve them. Steve has a fantastic approach where he asks the right questions to get ME to understand what is important and achievable for my career. These coaching sessions were a pivotal moment for the decisions that will guide my career in the next few years. (CE)

I really appreciated the one-2-one coaching as I had severe post-viral fatigue from CV19 and was struggling to focus. The sessions helped me take the necessary steps forward, avoid distractions, and provided new perspectives for the future. Thank you. (SJ)

[This coaching] in such a unique time as COVID-19 pandemic has been invaluable. Steve has helped me to identify and work through areas in my academic profile that needed attention such as developing and expanding my academic networks as well as learning how to better disseminate my work. Through our sessions, Steve helped me to gain confidence in my strengths as an academic and motivation allowing me to develop a plan of action in order to achieve my professional goals such as publishing my next book and techniques to get my work out there – such as my new podcast. (CM)